Lanyards can be said to have become the people’s lives now seem unimportant. But it’s a very popular item, and use very extensive. With demand constantly upgrading, conventional silk screen strap technology can not meet the requirements of users in recent years. Now thermal transfer technology has matured,thermal transfer lanyard is also constantly engaged.
Currently the most advanced heat transfer is necessary to count on the Lanyard technology. which is a digital printing technology through the lanyard. It not only can provide us with a variety of different patterns. but also able to perfect their show on the lanyard. close to the original image from the color, so are a lot of users.

What key production advantages of thermal transfer lanyard is
thermal transfer lanyard

Thermal transfer technology

In Dongguan Guanchang Traveling & Houseware Prodcuts Co.,Ltd, uses technology that is linked with the thermal transfer, for which sales have been far ahead in the industry.

What key production advantages of thermal transfer lanyard is
Heat transfer machine/Thermal transfer workshop

Digital printing technology

For a lanyard quality, printing is very important. for the thermal transfer hang bring that work to be done first is a pattern of pre-printed sublimation paper membrane above traits. the pattern may be arbitrarily selected.

Digital Printer
Digital Printer

Of course, the entire production process also determines the quality of the final production of the lanyard. First need to create a high-resolution lanyard should brush picture, usually at 300 pixels. printing tape to hang, basically a hour or so will be able to print on 1000.
Its operation process is very simple. A pattern can be formed without the need for chromatography again, Also called dye-sublimation thermal transfer process. Our company purchased automatic heat transfer machine. In the peer also to better improve the overall production process and the work efficiency. so that the balance in print, smooth, basically can be done around the clock without rest run.