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GUANCHANG     Rhinestone Lanyards

We are sure that you are going to love these super cool rhinestone lanyards! Our rhinestone lanyard will to get you attention. Bring your wild side to work with you and even to special events while taking care of business all at the same time. These lanyards will keep you hands-free with its built-in ID badge holder, key ring and latch that make it easy to hang anything you need and display your credentials with style and vitality.

These rhinestone lanyards are great for teachers, nurses, coaches, teenagers, convention attendees, fundraisers, or anyone who doesn’t want to lose their keys or badges. These beautiful lanyards not only used for hanging keys or badges, it is a beautiful fashion jewelry. They’ll serve as great keepsakes!

  • Using popular accessories to make custom lanyards more unique.
  • Custom components can created to suit specific partner needs.
  • Many different styles ensure there’s a lanyard for your customers.
  • Environment friendly soft fabric,won’t irritate neck.