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GUANCHANG     Woven Lanyards

Woven lanyards are the premium option similar to a jacquard finish weave. Your logo never wear off, because it is woven into the material as an integral part of the lanyard. Print does not wear off easily but with repeated washing and heat, screen print and dye sublimation can fade over time so .we recommend woven lanyard as a good washable options.

Another advantage of woven lanyard is the degree of customization. You can choose from different colors, color combinations, widths and clips and attachments as well. The solidity and durability of woven lanyard give you enough reason to invest high quality work into creating the same.

Lanyards are a fabulous way shore up your brand strategy. Consider the fact that lanyards used for events as diverse as:

  • Trade fairs
  • Conferences of various kinds
  • Mementos or souvenirs
  • Charity events and so on