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GUANCHANG     Screen Printed Lanyards

Screen printed lanyards are the most common and practical printing products. Silk Screen printing is a stencil process in which ink is forced through the mesh of a screen onto lanyard material resulting in very good quality and is economical.

You may find certain companies offer lanyards at incredibly low prices. They make use of a repeat lanyard printer and use a roll of machine printed material. As a result, logos and other important information, such as the company name, may not print correctly. They may be cut off or sewn through. When this happens, the company or organization does not get the desired premium finish of their printed lanyards.

That will never be an issue when customers choose to work with us because we used the old and true method of hand silk screen printing. We use this precision screen printing method during the production process. Our type of lanyard features a raised texture and is appropriate for static text and designs.