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GUANCHANG     Braided Belt

Braided belt is a new type of belt which combines many kinds of fashion elements. Braided belt of a variety of styles, each has its unique personality, can fully show the fashion, youth and vitality. It is the trend of people’s favorite belt, is required by young people favorite items.

Our belt is mainly include canvas belt and elastic waist belt. This quality canvas belt is the perfect fit, no matter what your waistline size, it is easy to adjust to fit your size. Comfortable to wear, the fabric is very thick won’t fray, even after wears many. These Quality stretch fabric braided belts are both functional and stylish. Give you the perfect snug fit that our waistline changes every single time. Once you try them, you’ll never go back to wearing your current belt again.

  • Exquisite detail and simple design style.
  • Our easy to use buckle makes adjusting your belt effortless.
  • Our distinctive buckle and our quality cotton/polyester blend canvas provides the finishing touch to your casual outfit.
  • No holes metal adjusting buckle means you can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit.