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GUANCHANG     Satin Lanyards

Featuring a distinctive high luster finish these satin lanyards are a real crowd pleaser. Satin material is stitched and woven over premium polyester lanyards to ensure quality. Then fitted with a wide range of clips and fittings of your choice. Our process allows us to match pantone colors to both the polyester and satin material. Then printed or woven with your logo into the satin.

The look and feel of satin is luxurious and therefore it is an elegant choice for a business organization to make while choosing lanyards. This choice is made even more interesting because of the availability of satin applique lanyards that give you benefits such as:

  • Color printing that makes these lanyards even more good looking.
  • Ability to print or weave your logo into the material.
  • A high luster satin will make the lanyard and your business reputation stand apart in more ways than one.