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GUANCHANG     Zipper Lanyards

Select high quality zipper lanyard products from GuanChang promotion gift. Our zipper lanyards set fully functional zipper and metal split ring. Puller using PVC badge or metal badges. Many colors and designs can be custom. Personalized lanyards It’s convenient to carry your portable device when traveling or when engaged in any outdoor activity. Simply loop through your device’s lanyard port and pull gently to secure.

The zipper lanyards can be applied to any gadget: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players or handheld gaming devices! Toting around your mobile gadgets is a breeze with his handy lanyard!

  • Your brand logo can attached to the zipper for eye catching purpose.
  • Using popular accessories to make custom lanyards more unique.
  • Custom components can created to suit specific partner needs.
  • User friendly design allow adjusting the neck opening size.
  • Multi color of zip to fit with your brand color tone.