Sometimes, you need to choose a simple and appropriate method when it comes to organizing people! There’s something to be said about color coordinating building blocks and following the instructions to numbered coloring books! Color coding recognition can still be applied to professional management. Everything from the filing system to colored lanyards with ID badges, coordinating things by color is often the most effective way for everyone to understand the order of things.

colored lanyards

How colored lanyards helps professionals

In a fast-paced environment, not everyone is going to have time to stop and read the name on every badge holder—plus, it might be a little weird to stare at someone that long. In reality, if you’re able to read someone’s ID badge, it’s usually because you’re already close enough and most likely, have engaged in conversation.

If you’re in a work environment where you’re coming and going on a frequent basis, perhaps you might want to consider using a different method in better identifying personnel. It’s the old tried and true color identification method! GUANCHANG can customize a variety of different styles of colored lanyards with ID badges. These color ed lanyards with matching ID badges is going to be one of the most effective ways to quickly identify roles in a team or department.

What color lanyards can you choose from

You can choose any colors on the Pantone color card as the color of the lanyards. In fact, when it comes to lanyards, you can choose from a selection of flat or woven rope. You can choose from a breakaway or a non-breakaway lanyard. You can even custom design a lanyard with your company’s logo on it!

How to custom design lanyards for your business

GUANCHANG has a wide selection of lanyards solutions for your business. We can meet your all custom requirements. Lanyards material, color, print Logo, size and accessories, etc can customized according to your needs. Our lanyards designer will give you some valuable advice and answer any questions you may have regarding your lanyards. If you’re interested in ordering lanyards, please contact us (Email: