While you can purchase a broad array of badge holder lanyards from some of the nearby shops. Why not take the extra step and get them customized? Badge holders, for the most part, are quite inexpensive, but because they are in such high demand, you will certainly find some less expensive than others. The team at GUANCHANG is confident that we’re the one-stop shop for custom ID badge and lanyards that you can get at the best price.

badge holder lanyards

We can customize almost all of our products. On our website you can find some custom lanyard works that will help you personalize and create your own lanyard. This gives you the option to add any custom text or logo on most of our products.

Benefits of Personalization

While there is an additional fee for customized orders, we’re confident that you can still save money personalizing your badge holders. Your employees are more likely to take special care of the badge holder that has their company logo or department name on it. We also have a selection of badge holders and lanyards that come in different colors. So you can also color coordinate your badges. This feature is most beneficial for those who might misplace their IDs. The color option makes it easy to find and the personalized text can have information about what facility or department the ID belongs to.

How to Customize Your Badge Holder Lanyards

GUANCHANG have a variety of styles of badge holder lanyards for you to selection. Our lanyards and badge holders are perfectly customizable. The type of accessory, lanyards size and color can customize according to your request, You can also printing your wants pattern or logo on the lanyards. If you want to custom badge lanyards, please contact us. You just send your Logo and your thoughts to us by email (Email: Sales@gcgifts.com). We can customize according to your request. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your customized badge holder lanyards.