Many people think that choke chains are cruel and should not be used to teach a dog to walk or heel. If you don’t want to put a choke chain on your dog but you do want to teach it to heel, you will need a dog training harness. You also need some assistive tools, such as treats or toys your dog likes, a quiet place for training, and the patience to teach your dog commands. With the right tools and a lot of time, your dog will be walking and heeling without the use of a choke chain.

dog training harness

Pick a type of dog training harness for your dog

A dog training harness fits under the animal’s front legs, across the chest and over the back. It will be much more comfortable for the dog than a regular collar and will give you more control. The lead should clip onto a ring in the middle of the back. There are also front-clip harnesses where the leash attaches at the middle of the dog’s chest that can greatly reduce pulling.

If your dog is consistently pulling, you may want to try using a head halter. These work very well once your dog is comfortable wearing it, although it may need to be desensitized to the feeling of the halter on its face first.

Buy a dog training harness that fits your dog properly

Many harnesses are adjustable but even dogs of the same breed vary in size. The best idea is to take your dog to the pet supply store and try on several harnesses until you find one that you are happy with.

If you are unsure if a dog training harness fits your dog correctly, feel free to consult with pet store personnel for some help. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and dog trainers can also give you some valuable advice.

Get your dog’s favorite toy and treats

Getting your dog’s favorite treat or favorite toy is key for training it to heel. It will be used to lure your dog into following you around and it will be used as a reward when your dog completes your commands.

Holding a treat in your hand will also teach it to hold its head high, since it will be looking at you and the treats.

Limit possible distractions

Start your training in an area with few distractions. Make sure that no other dogs are around and that you will not be interrupted. Also, start your training session after your dog has already exercised in some way. Playing fetch with you or running in the park will get excess energy out of your dog and allow it to focus on you.

A good place to do training with your dog is your back yard. This is typically a comfortable place for your dog, there are no unknown smells, and you will not be interrupted.

Custom suitable dog training harness

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