Pet collar is practical accessories with an important function, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain or dull. Have some fun with your pet’s everyday wear by adding some creative decoration. Spruce your pooch up for a special occasion or express your dog’s personality and your own with stylish DIY embellishments to their collar.

Add personalized embellishments to your pet collar

decorate pet collar

1 Bedazzle with rhinestones

Add some sparkle to your pet collar with rhinestones. Pick the colors and sizes you’d like, then adhere them to your dog’s collar using an extra-strong craft glue that’s appropriate for its material.

  • To ensure that the glue doesn’t show around the edges, use a toothpick to apply a small dot of it onto the back of each rhinestone before pressing the stone down where you’d like it on the collar.
  • Be sure to let your dog’s collar dry overnight before you put it on them.

2 Decorate with fabric paint

Use a permanent, nontoxic fabric paint with a fine-point applicator to write words (like your dog’s name) and draw pictures (like bones) on your dog’s fabric collar.

  • Pick a color or colors that will stand out against the color of your dog’s collar. For instance, if your dog’s collar is dark, choose light and bright colors like white or neon yellow. If your dog’s collar is a light or bright shade, pick dark colors like navy or black for your paint.
  • Be sure to protect your work surface with plastic or newspaper. Let your decorated collar dry for at least 24 hours before you put it on your dog.

3 Add charms

Your dog already should have an identification tag on their collar, but why not add some bling with a charm or two? Get a dangling charm of your choice (from festive holiday symbols to sports team logos to skulls and crossbones), and loop it securely into the metal ring or buckle on your dog’s collar.

4 Loop on hair ties

For a really simple DIY decoration, pick up some hair ties that have come pre-decorated with things like flowers, stars, or butterflies. Twist the bands two or three times around your dog’s collar until they fit snugly, and then adjust them to where you’d like them to be positioned.

Custom personalized pet collar

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