GUANCHANG is a bulk webbing wholesale supplier in China. We are expert in production variety of webbing products, which included polyester webbing, nylon webbing, polypropylene webbing, printed webbing, elastic webbing and many others webbing made products. We can custom webbing according to your needs. When you have a specific design or idea in mind, our lanyard designer can create it quickly and efficiently!

bulk webbing wholesale

Bulk Webbing Supplier

GUANCHANG as one of the leading webbing manufacturers in China, we have our own designer team, quality inspection team and production workshop. Our products can be mainly separated into nylon webbing, polypropylene webbing, polyester webbing, printed webbing, poly-cotton webbing, elastic webbing, and so on. Our webbing is available in a range of sizes and colors for use in a variety of applications. You can also custom colors and size.


One unique selling point about GUANCHANG webbing is that according to your requirements and ideas fully customized. We can supply you with a bulk amount of webbing customization service at any given time, all of the time. Webbing color, material, size, Logo, texture can be customized according to your need. From GUANCHANG you can order webbing according to your personal design. When you have a specific design or idea in mind, our webbing designer can create it quickly and efficiently!

Bulk Webbing Wholesale

As one of the Chinese-owned factory, our experience in the production of webbing assures you of the highest quality at the lowest price consistent with that quality. We sell webbing at wholesale prices, the more you buy, the less you’ll pay per unit price. If you want custom webbing or bulk webbing wholesale please contact us (Email: